Kym Marsh Reveals her new Large Tattoo in Tribute to Her Dad

Until you’re the Russian mob and planning on cracking a couple of skulls, you will have issue sometimes getting payments from clients on credit score. Kym continued: ‚Dad knew how busy the NHS was with the pandemic and didn’t wish to be a burden so delay going to the docs. Dad you inspire me daily. So I received an ice cream on the inside of my forearm for him to remind me of my great dad. The previous Coronation Avenue star shared the candy second she unveiled the artwork for the primary time to her dad. The Waterloo Road star revealed her father had been diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer in 2021 following a PSA test, a blood test which helps to detect the illness. The actress, 47, surprised her father Dave with the bold inking on her forearm as a result of he has an ‚obsession‘ with candy treats since his incurable cancer diagnosis. Since his incurable cancer prognosis he has been obsessed with ice cream!

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